2019 Spa Business Labs!
spa business group coaching

Say GOOD BYE to the slow pace & lack of accountablity of DIY business training.

Dropping the ball on your to-do lists, ideas and innovation hurt your spa revenues. 


Strategy. Direction. Momentum. Implementaion. 

Complete that project that's been on your to-do list for way too long! 

 Here are a few projects our Lab members have worked on & acomplished:

  •  A stellar marketing+ implementaion plan to attact high-quality clients.
  •  Price and service repositioning to reflect their expanded expertise & new niche.
  •  Designing case studies to create social proof and that pays for new service or tech investments. 
  •  Creating a strong sales system to increase retail sales dramatically.
  •  A recruiting & hiring strategy to attract talent.
  •  A start-up plan to alleviate 1st year growing pains & earn faster. 

  You choose what you want to work on + the Spa Business Labs will help you stay accountable and on track to complete your business project. 

How the Spa Business Lab works:

Clear Priorities - Your coaching program starts strong with a 12-week Stratgic Planning session on Monday, January 14th

On this call you'll be taught how to gain clairity on the ONE THING you want to accomplish in the next 3 months; increased brand visibility, hiring staff seamlessly, creating a marketing system that's actioned out, designing a fool-proof training program for you team...what ever you want to work on, it's entirely up to you.

Learn the Strategic Process - During the first few weeks, you’ll also learn how to use your newly clarified 12 week goal to map + create your very own customized 12-week strategy. 

One of my professional values is to empower you with repeatable skills. This means I want to teach you “how to fish” rather than selling you on “buy my fish” - you need to know how to create strategy without me. 

The strategy document you create with my guidance this summer is WHAT you need to prioritize during the next 12 weeks - your coaching calls will cover the HOW.

6 Group Coaching Calls - One thing's for sure, it's hard to stay on track of your business goals and action steps when you have so much to do. 

Having a coach in your corner to pick her brain + dig deep into specific business concerns, keeps you focused and on track. This moves you closer AND faster to your desired spa biz outcomes for 2018.  

Mastermind Format - bring one question, concern, or issue to your call. You'll have 15 mins of undivided attention from me in which I'll coach & give you action steps to complete between coching calls. 

Each participant has a turn at being coached on their questions and in turn, get to listen to the coaching of the rest of the group. This is the beauty of the "MasterMind"... you glean powerful information from other peoples questions and answers!

Accountibility - One of the toughest parts of being an entrepreneur is accountablity. It's so easy to let things slide if you don't have anyone to answer to. This program is heavily focused on staying accountable to your tasks so you keep the momentum of growth moving forward. 

Lab size: Limited to 2 micro-groups of 6 spa owners each.  

Recording: Each session is recorded for you to review your coaching & action steps.

Support Between Calls - You'll also recieve instant access to a very active and high-level thinking FB group for support from myself & your Lab mates between sessions. 

I'm in the group almost every day to answer your questions, struggles and wins. Your Lab Mates will often chime in with their own resources, tips, tricks & hacks that have worked for them in their spa business. 

Pre-Lab Prep: Once you've secured your spot in the Profit Lab, you'll be sent a Profit Lab Intake form to fill out & send back to me. This is so I can get to know you and your business needs before we start our first session. The better I know you and your spa, the more powerful your coaching will be.


We start Monday, January 14th, 2019!

Spa business labs spring 2019

"Kirsten is a wonderful source of support, encouragement, inspiration and the necessary accountability that business owners need in order to grow, especially those of us who work alone as fresh entrepreneurs in the spa and salon industry. Her style is warm and professional, and she's a font of industry information.”

Kristen Cheyne, Facial Expressions Wellness, Vancouver BC

Kristen Cheyne
Liliana Puscas

"Before I signed up for Kirsten’s Spa Business Lab last September, I was a hot mess in my spa business; unsure of my focus, no idea how to market properly and was struggling to pay myself. But while working in The Lab over the last 12 months, I’ve increased my treatment sales by 75% and my retail by 50%. But more importantly, I’ve learned that I can trust Kirsten 1000% (no, that’s not a typo!) to guide me compassionately, push me firmly and give me the occasional kick-in-the-pants when I needed it!"

Liliana Puscas, Lili’s Esthetic Studio, Napanee ONT

I’ve always had lots of ideas for my spa business, but I’d also hit a certain stage and have trouble completing them. Being in the Lab, I now have a resource on hand to help me clarify and prioritize my action steps so I see my idea to completion. Kirsten gets the spa industry, which is perfectly complimented by her vast knowledge of business.

Melanie Nelson, URetreat Victoria, BC

Melanie Nelson
Kathy Mikkleson

Kirsten’s coaching and guidance helped me to "show up" in my business and stay focussed. Without her support I am confident that I would not have seen the growth that I have in my business over this past year. In fact, I just had her double check my math...I had 240% sales growth from same time lt year! 

Working with Kirsten you can expect real results through actionable steps, attainable goals, measurable outcomes and exceptional support. 

Kathy Mikkleson, Radiance Body Wax & Sugar Studio, Victoria BC

I'm thankful our paths crossed when they did. I was really at a tipping point for my business. It was either going to flourish or flop. I was just running it off of what I had seen my previous employer do. Today I know I am the person running my business. So many clients keep talking to me about the positive changes the business has had this past year...and it keeps moving me forward.

Rebekah Markham, rebekah.markham, North Hampton, MA 

Rebekah Markham
Nicole Bennett

"My business has doubled in sales and we’ve found new ways to reduce expenses since I started my 6 month private training program with Kirsten! I’ve been able to encourage my team, build a great brand, and increase our client retention, too. With just a few tweaks of our brand and business model, I’ve found a new focus and fresh take on my business. I recommend the Private Coaching to every spa owner I talk to.”

Nicole Bennett, Flawless Skin & Acne Clinic, CA

Kirsten Foss

Kirsten Foss

Spa Business Strategist 


About Your Educator

I'm tired of spa owners being overwhelmed, stressed and very often, broke.

I have combined 25 years as an esthetician, 20 years as a spa owner and a natural talent as a mentor & leader to create a deep understanding of the issues and frustrations salon and spa entrepreneurs face in their business and help them overcome their sales and profit challenges using strategy, feminine leadership and a dedicated mission for being in service.

Spa owners are over-thinking, overwhelmed and over worked...and it's because they are struggling to understand how to be strategic in their marketing, operations, staffing and leadership.

Now, as a maven in the spa industry, it's my BIG vison for spa owners to operate their leadership & business profitably, strategically and passionately.

I hope you'll join me this September to improve your you spa business leadership, marketing, and operations.

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